Areas of Practice

Disability Discrimination

A worker cannot be fired from a job because of an injury, a disability, or an ailment. This is true even if the employer is wrong about whether the employee can do the job.

Disability Discrimination

Work Comp Retaliation

An employer cannot fire you for getting hurt at work, filing for work comp benefits, or requesting medical treatment for a work-related injury.

Work Comp Retaliation

Worker's Compensation

When an employee is hurt on the job, it is the employer's responsibility to provide medical treatment for that worker.

Work Comp

Wrongful Discharge

An employer cannot fire an employee because of race, religion, age, national origin, or gender. Employer's cannot punish employees for exercising rights, including FMLA, attending jury duty, and reporting illegal conduct (whistleblowing). 

Wrongful Discharge

Motion Practice

We offer assistance to small firms and unrepresented parties in drafting motions, including motions for summary judgment, responses to summary judgment motions, and trial briefs. 

Motion Practice

Appellate Work

We have experience in briefing and arguing before the Missouri Labor & Industrial Relations Commission, the Kansas Board of Workers' Compensation, Missouri appellate courts, Kansas appellate courts, and federal courts of appeal. 


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