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A Young Firm with Tremendous Experience

Dan Doyle decided to leave big firm life in July 2016. He founded Doyle & Associates, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge, skill, and experience--over thirty years worth, in fact. Doyle & Associates has been steadily growing since that time and currently helps hundreds of employees that have been injured on the job each year.

Simple Solutions for Complex Legal Problems

Employment law is among the most complex areas of litigation. Worker's Compensation is among the most intricate and misunderstood areas of employment law. Retaliatory discharge for exercising rights granted by the worker's compensation act requires a complete understanding of both work comp law and wrongful discharge. At Doyle & Associates, we specialize in these complex areas of the law and this expertise allows us to navigate claims for worker's compensation, disability discrimination, and retaliatory discharge. 

All the Knowledge of a Big Firm with the Personal Touch of a Small Firm

Doyle & Associates believes in being there for our clients. Experience allows us to know how big defense firms and insurance companies "play the game." Knowing all the tricks lets us pursue the rights and legal redress injured workers are entitled to receive. But Doyle & Associates doesn't sweep clients under the rug or look at people as numbers. We are also here for our clients and are happy to discuss your case on your schedule.

We are here for YOU

  • Hurt at work
  • Injured on the job
  • Fired for being hurt
  • Fired for filing for work comp benefits
  • Fired because of a disability
  • Appeals, writs, applications for review
  • Motions, briefs, oral argument

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Employees work hard and accidents happen; that is just the way life is. Don't let an employer reap the benefits of your hard work and push you aside when you're injured! We'll help you enforce your rights as a worker!

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